Monographic - Mission Statement

Monographic's focus is on communication design at heart: publishing, both digital and analogue; typography, which shapes messages, be they atoms or bits; the internet in all it's forms - web, email, social feeds – a growing list; and, of course, all the different and complex facets that collectively comprise the field of design (surely one of the most exciting occupations to occupy at this moment in time).

Communication is undergoing fundamental changes as we slingshot out of the twentieth century and into the twenty-first. The ways in which we communicate are widening out and multiplying; we've come a long way since Gutenberg's bible.

In a connected culture, how we communicate with each other, how we share information, how we exchange, changes. We've moved from a one-to-one culture, through a one-to-many culture, into a many-to-many to culture; a culture of connections, proliferating, where each new node offers new possibilities. A culture where conversations matter.

My focus, and interests, lie in exploring how communication is changing and how those changes change us, in short, charting the evolution of communication design.