This branch

NOTES the presence of Occupy Bournemouth protesters at Talbot Campus

UPHOLDS the principle that our university must accommodate free speech, legitimate dissent and peaceful protest

REGISTERS the gravest concern at the actions by University management in erecting a fence between the protest camp and the adjacent entrance to the campus

DEPLORES these actions as premature, disproportionate, a threat to the safety of students, staff and protesters alike and an attack on the principles of free speech, dissent and protest

REPEATS its offer to help mediate between the University and the protesters

We call upon the Vice Chancellor

To remove the fence immediately

To make a public declaration of support for the principle of free speech, and BU's commitment to accommodate legitimate dissent and peaceful protest

To consult with recognised trade unions, SUBU and other staff and student representatives before taking any further action in respect of the protest

To respond to our offer to mediate in any further discussions with protesters