Eat Stop Eat: HC Review [Special Edition]

This is a follow-up to my brief and 'regular' review of Eat Stop Eat Expanded 5th Edition:

The purpose of this advanced review - or expert's review, if you will - is to educate and inform my followers, and whomever ese may be interested, about what's true and what's not about intermittent fasting - from my perspective, which is different from Brad's in many cases. Also, differences and similarities between LG and ESE, and whatever else I see fit or appropriate to share, will be covered.

I will be writing this semi-live and I'll try to answer questions from Leangains, ESE and other intermittent fasting afficionados, where and when suitable during the review.

I highly recommend you read the book, if you're interested in the topic, related research, intermittent fasting and physiological mechanisms:

Some of my critique here will seem serious - which is good, because that means you read me right - but it does not alter the overall impression or role of the book. It stands firm as the one and only comprehensive book about intermittent fasting in the field, well-written, largely accurate and miles above your average fitness ebook. In fact, it can't even be compared - where else have you seen a diet or fitness ebook with 200+ scientific references before around here?

You'll be able to read it live here over the next 24 hours or so, as I'll add my comments and notes little by little, all of them or a part of them, as I see fit. I'll be working at a comfortable pace, take regular breaks, have a nap, etc, so don't be surprised if I suddenly disappear for hours.

(Note: I've obviously read the book before. Unfortunately, my notes went to Hell with my bloated ASUS, when the damn thing crashed for the 1762th time this month. Getting a Mac tomorrow, I hope.)

You are welcome to ask questions related to the book and its contents, assuming you've read it, (you should, ASAP) if you're interested in my perspective on things.

Ask questions here:

And in blog comments to this post:

All praise aside, there are several things I'd like to comment on, from an expert's position, in regards to claims made, research cited, and even the ESE-protocol itself. Rest assured, this will not be a circle jerk of sorts. I think you'll find it quite informative.

I will publish the review on as soon as I'm finished - don't stay up all night long with me now, you hear?