Fedora installer thoughts

SCREEN ONE: "Select the appropriate keyboard for the system."
- Not a very welcoming first step ... why is it giving me instructions? Is it trying to take charge and make sure I don't screw things up? How do I know what the appropriate keyboard is for the system? Oh wait, US English is highlighted. It wants me to tell it my laptop's keyboard layout.
- Why is the window so big when all the text is just a few lines at the left? Did it maximize by default because I had Firefox maximized?
- Why is the text word-wrapped so that it's on two lines when there's enough room for it on one?
- Why is the scrollbar not the same "fluffy marshmallow" kind as on other windows that I saw while poking around (except Firefox)?

SCREEN TWO: "What type of devices will your installation involve?
- I'm glad it said "If you're not sure which option is right for you, this is probably it," because otherwise I'd have been really confused.
- The text is tiny and hard to read. Why is it so tiny when the window's so big?
- This step makes me feel kind of stupid, and wonder if I'm not intruding on something where I don't belong.

INTERMEDIATE STEP: Scanning storage devices
- Oh hey, it looks like it's sticking its tongue out at me.

SCREEN THREE: "Please name this computer."
- "Hostname" is a technical term that I'm only familiar with in passing. Between that and the default name of "localhost.localdomain" I feel less like I'm being asked to name my computer, and more like I'm being quizzed on basic technical knowledge, that I'm supposed to have or I don't have any business being here. I actually find myself questioning what kind of answers would be appropriate, like there's a way for me to screw it up.
- I didn't even see the "Configure Network" button until I'd already clicked "Next" and it was grayed out. Was this something that I was supposed to do? It was so far away from the text entry box.

SCREEN FOUR: "Please select the nearest city in your time zone:"
- I vaguely remember what "System clock uses UTC" means from the last time I tried Fedora years ago. That's probably because it was confusing enough that I had to pay close attention. Fortunately there was a tooltip. Unfortunately I had to spend about 10 seconds parsing it. By this point I'm being really careful not to mess anything up.
- Why are there two separate, sometimes overlapping tooltips when I hover the mouse on the map window? "Button two or three" is another statement I have to parse because I never refer to them that way.
- It doesn't zoom in over the place where my mouse cursor hovers. Instead it just zooms to the middle, and I have to use the scrollbars to reposition it.
- Why is everything in both North and South America just in "America?" It's a little confusing to see Montreal placed in "America" without context.

SCREEN FIVE: "Enter a password for the root user."
- Here's a place where I know what to do. I'm not sure I would've been able to tell from the one-sentence explanation it gives, though ("The root account is used for administering the system"), just that I was being asked in a confusing way to enter a password.
- The password I gave was numerical, and it told me that it was weak because it was "based on a dictionary word". Huh?

SCREEN SIX: "Which type of installation would you like?"
- Another easy one, just because I already know that I'm blowing everything away and replacing it with Fedora. Not sure what I make of it besides that, except that the text is tiny and the icons took me almost as long to parse as some of the text has so far. Plus I had to read the descriptions for them.
- I know that I want my hard drive encrypted, but there's nothing in the way of an explanation, not even a tooltip.
- I actually changed my mind about encrypting it when I saw that I'd have to enter a passphrase every time I booted up. I didn't know that I'd need to do that, since it's not how it worked in Ubuntu. When I clicked "Cancel" though, it gave me an "Are you sure" kind of dialog with "Back" and "Continue" buttons. I chose "Back" since I wanted to back out of the process, and it took me "Back" to the passphrase selector. That's not where I wanted to go.

INTERVAL: Progress reports
- Why does it keep sticking its tongue out at me and giving me cryptic messages? Oh hey, now it's finally showing a box with a progress bar and the Fedora logo. That I can understand.
- Why does it use a progress bar _and_ pop-up dialogs?
- "Copying live image to hard drive" only makes sense to me because I know what "Live CD", "disk image" and "copying to hard drive" mean. It still seems unnecessarily technical.

- Still not very well written, but I get what's going on here.
- I'm having second thoughts about recommending this to people unless I know I can help them install it.
- I'm so glad I read a GNOME Shell cheat sheet that says you have to hold Alt to see the "Shut down" option, or I would have no clue how to restart the computer afterwards except by pressing the power button.